Tuesday, October 12, 2010

McHenry County Sportsplex

I have said previously that I am against the MCSportsplex from an economic. I also oppose it from an environmental perspective. The other day I went out to Pleasant Valley Road site with Jill M. None of my opponents have viewed the site. The site has rolling hills and needs leveling. Heavy rains can cause creeks to appear briefly out of nowhere.

This project and this site make no sense.

The current economic downturn is a consumption problem - we have consumed at an unsustainable rate and it has caught up with us. The only way to fix this is to produce something. The two industries that built this country will help get us out of this economic difficulty. We need to focus on Agriculture and Manufacturing. Our county is well situated for both - great transportation access (road and rail) and excellent farmland. When development happens - and it will - it should be within municipal boundaries where much of the needed infrastructure already exists. Building new infrastructure is very expensive and will financially burden future residents - especially in low-density areas like McHenry County. Both the Equity One Baseball Stadium and the MCSportsplex will require much new infrastructure.