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2018 Campaign For McHenry County Board District 5

I am running for McHenry County Board in District 5 as a Democrat.
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New TIF District in Woodstock

The letter below was submitted to the Woodstock Independent Newspaper for publication.

To The Editor - Tax Increment Financing Districts are a bad idea.  TIFs were created to address blighted and rundown areas that would not otherwise be redeveloped.  In my opinion, few of the areas in the new TIF map fit that definition.  It is unfortunate that in order to attract development in Illinois a corporate handout is required, and easily agreed to by elected officials.
I’m glad that “city officials repeatedly expressed their desire to work with the school district to address its concerns.” (regarding the TIF). But what about taxpayers?Their wages haven’t kept pace with inflation, yet it is they who will face future tax increases as TIF districts don’t pay their fair portion of the tax burden.
In 1952, California was the first state to create TIFs and in 2011 the first state to eliminate TIFs. Chicago has 131 TIF districts which help to obfuscate that city’s true economic health.  TIFs offer a …

League Of Women Voters Candidate Forum

Thank you to the League of Women Voters of McHenry County for hosting this forum and also to all of you for your interest in local candidates.  I am unable to attend tonight and have a short statement.
My name is Frank Wedig and I am a Democratic candidate for County Board District #5.  My wife, Jeanne, and I have lived in Woodstock since 1990.  I grew up in Bolingbrook IL.  My Bachelor of Arts degree is in International Business and Economics from Benedictine University in Lisle IL and I have an M.B.A. in Marketing from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb IL.
I am running for office because I am tired of my family and work colleagues criticizing the State in which I choose to Iive.  Sure, many of the problems come from the State Politics of Springfield, but there are many things we can fix locally.  If we can not change the way things are done locally to improve the situation here in McHenry County then there is indeed little hope for Springfield.
Government in Illinois has a spendin…

Meeting With Local Organizations

On Friday September 7, I met with the McHenry County Farm Bureau PAC on McConnell Road in Woodstock.  Local food production is a national security issue for me.  Obtaining food from long distances is not sustainable and is subject to interruption. California has had its share of fires, drought, floods and other environmental issues.  Gas prices won't be cheap forever.  Our county has a significant agricultural component that contributes to the economic health of the region.  I am in favor of keeping agricultural lands in food production use.  The McHenry Conservation District should make the land it currently owns accessible to the public prior to acquiring any more open land.

On Tuesday September 18, I met with the McHenry County Building & Construction Trades Council at IBEW 177 Hall on Munshaw Lane in Crystal Lake.  We discussed the proposed IL RT 23 and I-90 interchange. I am in favor of commercial growth in the county,  not increased residential construction. But I am not…

The Woodstock Independent - Letters To The Editor

I submitted the following two letters to the editor that were published in the Woodstock Independent weekly newspaper.

March 21, 2018 - City should not "hassle" an existing business.

I was disheartened to read about Robert Horrell's urging the City Council to "consider action" to force Lake Marine and RV to clean up their appearance. To me Lake Marine and RV appears to be a thriving business, which Woodstock desperately needs.

For years, empty, blighted buildings like the old Kmart building and old Farm & Fleet building made "our southern front door" look truly awful.  I would encourage the City Council to focus on attracting more business to Woodstock rather than hassling an existing one for a temporary problem.

May 16, 2018 - Let's urge rehab, rebuild before new construction.

I was very dismayed to read that the city of Woodstock is considering lowering impact fees for new construction. As much as a third of single-family homes in Woodstock …

Planning, Environment and Development Committee Meeting - 6/5/2018

On June 5, 2018 at 8:30 a.m., I attended the Planning, Environment and Development Committee meeting in the County Administration Building on Ware Road, Woodstock. If you are interested in County Board issues, the committee meetings are where items are discussed at length before it goes to the whole County Board for a vote. They are broadcast, so you can listen anywhere.

The Firearms Discharge Ordinance and the Nuisance Noise Ordinance generated the most discussion that morning.  It appears some landowners are using their properties as gun ranges, firing projectiles into McHenry County Conservation District (your public) land.  One land owner was reported to have 1,495 bullets fired from his property into the Brookdale Conservation Area on Paulsen Road over a 5 hour period. Your public horse trail was closed to accommodate the improvised firing range.

McHenry Conservation District has their own police department which, instead of working to ensure the horse trail would be safe, shut …

Reason For Running

The general election is the main focus of any candidate for public office. Elections happen everyday, however. People vote with their dollars and their feet, choosing where they spend their money and where they live. They are increasingly voting against McHenry County and Illinois. Both the State and the County are losing residents and jobs.

It's easy to lay blame and complain about state politics in Springfield. That's not entirely wrong, but there is much we can do locally. Having to put up with dysfunctional politics and high taxes is a source of curiosity for residents of other states, and most of us who live in Illinois hear it regularly. I like living in Illinois, I've been here since the age of 5. I am tired of defending my home, and intend to do something about it by running for office and changing things for the better.